An overview of Pointsbet

Let us make it clear that Pointsbet offers regular sports betting along with the unique form of spread betting that it offers. Do you know what is it that makes spread betting special? Well, we will tell you about it. The payouts will differ based on how right you are. In a nutshell, the basic idea of Pointsbet is that the betting is done on points and the more right you are the more you tend to win.

This is a new form of betting which keeps the players in the game until the end of it. Also, pointbet promotion codes are a great deal and everyone should use these codes to gain some bonuses.

The various types of bets that are offered by Pointsbet

  • Totals of the points
  • Spread bets on the winner of the game
  • The winning margin
  • Total of the passing yards for a specific quarterback
  • The number of seconds that will be before the first scoring play
  • Largest lead that is being acquired by the team at any point during the match

The traditional markets which are offered by Pointsbet include the following:

  • Team Props
  • Game Props
  • Point spreads
  • Player Props
  • Money spreads
  • Total of the points

Well, if you are not familiar with this then you need to know that there are a variety of sports which are offered under Pointsbet and they include Aussie Rules, Golf, Cricket, Rugby, Cycling, Tennis, Hockey, Darts, Soccer and so on.

Some more details about the Pointbet mobile app:

The Pointsbet mobile app can be downloaded by both iOS as well as Android users. The users who have played the game on their mobile phones have claimed it to be a responsive, sleek and amazing app. Once the player has signed into the app, availed the Pointsbet promotion code offer, redeemed their Pointsbet sign-up bonus offer they are all set to start playing and winning some great amount of cash.

As the app is new, there are many features that need to be upgraded and taken care of but you can still have a gala time while making some money on the app.

Customer service:

Well, the customer service of Pointsbet doesn’t let down their players. They are quick and responsive and help immediately with any problem that occurs. The customers can easily and quickly reach out to the customer service team via email, live chat or through the phone.


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