Everything You Need To Know About Bubble Hockey Game

Bubble hockey game is a table hockey arcade game. The game is manufactured by ICE (International Concepts in Entertainment) since 1982. The game is also known by other names, like dome hockey, rod hockey, table hockey, etc.


There is a big plastic dome that covers the table to prevent the puck to get out or lost.The game consist of two teams of six players each. Each player is controlled by a rod independently. Each side has 3 offensive, 2 defensive and 1 goalie rod.


The game can be played as 1 on 1 match or between two teams of two players each. In 2 on 2 game one players controls 2 offensive and one defensive rod and the other players has 1 offensive, 1 defensive and 1 goalie rod control.

How to Play

Bubble hockey is played like simple hockey. A pluck is dropped at the center while all players are faced towards the ice center. Each participant has to use their respective rods to move the players and goal for their team. Mostly table have a timer of 3 periods to score. This 3 periods timer system make sure that there is no tie between the teams at the end of the game.

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