Top 5 World Best Flowers for Beauty Enthusiasts

The Earth laughs in flower – Ralph Waldo Emerson. Truly said by the great Ralph flowers are an incredibly beautiful gift of Mother Nature. The captivating fragrance and beautiful color of flower mesmerize everyone. Flowers importance in nature cannot be underestimated. Flowers are fundamental in removing toxins and carbon oxide from the air. Flowers are also reproductive organs that produce pollination for that result in the production of fruits and vegetables.

The artwork and beauty of flowers make them an integral part of ceremonies and flowers are core ingredients for important occasions. Mother Nature has offered the world with tons of amazing flowers. Each flower is unique in itself. Some flowers truly create flower mania for humans. This article is going to list top 5 world best flowers.

  • Oriental Poppy: It is perennial plant meaning a plant that lives for up to two years. The poppy has hairy leaves and grow and bloom around mid-summer. The Oriental poppy is native flower plant to north eastern Turkey, northern Iran, and Caucasus. The species of Oriental poppy are “P.Orientale”. Oriental poppy has vibrant colors which include Olympia orange, Papillon Pink, Salmon Pink and Patty’s Plum.
  • Plumeria: Plumeria is a flower with pink petals and yellow center. The flower has heavy texture and scent resembles lemon. The flower is native to India, Central America, and Mexico. Plumeria is mostly fragrant in the night. There are up to 300 varieties of Plumeria in the world. Apart from being beautiful Plumeria has potential medicinal value.
  • Dahlia: This flower is native to Mexico. It is such a special flower that there are around 42 species of Dahlia. Such amazing was the beauty of Dahlia that this flower was declared as the national flower of Mexico in 1963. Dahlia has tuberous roots with herbaceous stems. Dahlia comes in a variety of sizes. Dahlia also has lot of colors which includes red, pink, purple, white orange and more.
  • Tulip: Tulip is one of the most common cultivated flowers on planet earth. Netherland is famous around the world for flowers. One such garden named Keukenhof flower garden is notable for amazing tulips. Tulip has around 3000 varieties and 150 species in different parts of the world. Tulip is showy flower comes in different colors except for pure blue. This amazing flower has very short life cycle up to 5-7 days.
  • Rose: Rose has special among all flowers. The flower is quite prominent to everyone. The aesthetic beauty is out of this world. Rose symbolizes a love, faith, passion, and honor. The emotion of love can be truly reflected with the charming red rose. Rose has around 100 species in the world. Rose has a different number of shades which are yellow, red, white, orange and pink. Rose is projected as the best attractive plants to decorate the garden.

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