Have a look to the best sewing machine for quilting 2018

If you are looking for the best sewing machine for quilting 2018  we must tell you that there are many types of quilting machines. Mechanical models still exist, but those with more experience can benefit from all the types of sewing and embroidery that electric models offer. You can choose between three types of sewing machine:

Mechanical sewing machines:

If you sew occasionally or have a limited budget, this type of sewing machine will suffice. They require you to handle most adjustments by hand. They can handle basic repairs, hems, and simple clothes, as well as various craft projects.

Electric sewing machines:

If you quilt frequently or can spend a little more, an electric model can be a good investment. Best sewing machine for quilting 2018 is capable of converting heavy crafting jobs into automated machining. A common electric sewing machine will offer a control panel and an LED screen. You should also have a wide range of foot pressure options. These will help you face challenges such as topstitching and seams. Finally, the configuration of the machine should include dozens or even hundreds of different stitches.

Sewing and embroidery machines

In addition to all the features and options of the best sewing machine for quilting 2018 you can find on a common electric sewing machine, embroidery machines will also have the ability to embroider and create monograms. You can use these capabilities for projects such as clothing, quilts, and cushions. It works as follows: the machine holds a ring underneath its needles and moves it in all directions as the needle sews. You start by stretching the fabric over the hoop. Then, you fix the hoop under the needle.

The designs are stored in the memory of the sewing machine. They can also be purchased through memory cards, CDs, USB pen drives, or through the computer. A touch screen or link allows you to position the design and specify the colors for the different elements of the design. Often, machines allow you to resize, reposition or reverse designs. In that case, the machine will issue an alert to notify you when you should change the color.


The number varies widely. There are basic stitches, such as straight or zigzag, and also decorative stitches. When you buy your new sewing machine, check that the length and width of the stitch are the way you want them.

Adjusting the tension

You will need to change the thread tension. When it is too tense, it can result in leaky fabrics; when it is too loose, the stitches get messy.

Top loading bobbin

Contrary to old sewing machines, in which you have to put the bobbin in a built-in compartment, many new machines allow you to simply open a panel and put the bobbin inside. A transparent cover allows you to see when the thread is running out. In my opinion, this is the most basic and important sewing or stitching function that your machine should have. The advantages of the sewing machine above sewing by hand are speed and durability. With this function, once the foot is pressed, the machine will sew four stitches forward and four stitches backward. Next, continue sewing forward until the pressure foot releases.

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