Top 3 Sites to Get Paid to Test Electronic Products

Have you been thinking about getting paid to test the electronic products?  Well here we are making you bring out with the list of the best websites that are all involved in the tasks to make you get paid to test away the electronic products.  You can make the use of these sites that pay you to test electronics like Ipads, cameras, and video games. All the websites which we are about to make you mention right here are not just popular but they are legit as well.  Some of the companies will even make you up with the testing of the products as free of cost. But there are some of the companies who will be sending you with the testing of the products as in order to set the charges first being paid off. Few of the sites are so much best in such kind of services that they will be making you pay with the testing of the products as well as electronics too.

1. UserTesting

On the top of the list, let’s bring on with the name of User Testing! This is one such awesome website which we would make you introduce with. This is the best website for testing of the products for money. It is really fun to use and the range of the sites that would make you test with the products is entertaining as well.  Now the main question that does hit so many minds is that how this website does actually works! You have to first of all sign up and then complete the test review.  If it goes well, then you will be sending the sites as for the review from time to time passage. You then get paid $10 to your PayPal for every review you will be making up and this would probably be taking the duration of just 20 minutes. It is legal and trusted site. It’s just 1% of the review has been declined!

2. Toluna

This is another one of the best company that is involved in offering you with the services to get paid for testing the products. This company has been all involved in inviting the product testers from the places of USA, Australia, and Canada.  As you would get yourself tune into the website, you will be making the click on the tab that hence reads the “rewards”. As you will make the click on the tab that would be reading with the “Test Products” in order to sign up.  This will make you get the invitations as by which you can receive the free test products that would straight forward be coming on your email.  They will make you offer with the gift cards all along with the money as the rewards. Toluna is working for the countries of United States as well as Australia, UK, and Canada.

3. National Consumer Panel ( NCP)

On the third spot, we would not be missing out mentioning with the name of National Consumer Panel! This company is basically offering the services of the market research based ones. They have been working inside the market world for the last so many years. Previously they were known by the name of Nielson Home Scan. They will make you send with the free handheld scanner which you will be using for scanning barcodes from the side category of the household items. At the same time they would also make you offer with the free electronics and wide range of other rewards for doing such tasks. You can make the use of NCP for the countries of United States as well as Canada.To know more about click here.

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